Intermediate/Junior  (13-14yrs)
This age group is 13 - 14.  This team will interlock with Calgary teams, that will play half their games in Calgary & surrounding area. Home games will be played at Millennium Park.  Games and Practices will be stated in the schedule accordingly - 2 practices and 2 games a week Monday thru Sunday.  At this level a basic understanding of baseball and the fundamental skills as well as batting and base stealing are required. A strong level of commitment is required***Attendance to all practice and games mandatory.

Ages Intermediate (only 13) Juniors 13 & 14 
Nights of Play: Players of this age will play mostly days between Monday - Friday, Saturday and some Sundays starting in Mid-April and ending in late June. These teams will play throughout the District 3 little league area (Airdrie, Chestermere, North Calgary) and in Cochrane.
Required Equipment: Baseball glove, baseball cleats, athletic protector, grey baseball pants and a CSA approved batting helmet. Players are encouraged to bring their own bats as long as they meet the little league rules 
Fees: $275
Structure of the program:

The Junior age group is for 13 & 14 year olds as per the little league age chart. The Junior age group will hold evaluations and are conducted by a third party independent evaluator(s).

Attendance at the evaluation sessions is mandatory at this level.